๐Ÿฆ€ Rust Game Dev

Over the past few years, Rust has taken the low-level programming world by storm thanks to its performance, safety, cross-platform nature, and ease of use. These qualities make Rust a growingly popular choice for game development, and there are many libraries and frameworks that can be used to create games in Rust. It is currently the most loved programming language according to the StackOverflow 2022 survey (opens in a new tab).

This website is mainly about JavaScript game development, but due to the growing popularity of Rust for game development and the fact that it can be easily compiled to WebAssembly to run in the browser, I thought it would be useful to summarize what's going on in the Rust ecosystem for those who might be interested.

Game engines and libraries

See Libraries and frameworks for Game Development in Rust (opens in a new tab) for a more exhaustive list.

WebAssembly bundling

  • wasm-pack5k800k total โ€“ Build WebAssembly packages for the browser or NPM
    Build WebAssembly packages for the browser or NPM
  • Trunk3k193k total โ€“ WebAssembly application bundler
    WebAssembly application bundler




As an unnecessary bonus, here are some back-end web frameworks if you want to go full-stack with Rust: