Newsletter โ€“ Issue 017

๐Ÿ“† 2023-07-19

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A few game jams are coming up soon:

The first React Jam (opens in a new tab) (organized by Rune (opens in a new tab)) is starting tomorrow. It's a 10-day event, with $2500 of cash prizes, and I will be judging submissions! You can make CSS DOM-based games with divs and CSS, 2D canvas games with libraries like Pixi.js Pixi React (opens in a new tab), or 3D games with React Three Fiber React Three Fiber (opens in a new tab), for example.

Multiplayer Madness (opens in a new tab) (organized by Hathora (opens in a new tab)) is a 10-day game jam starting on August 11th with $2500+ in prizes and focused on online multiplayer games. Use any engine, web or native. Steven Yau (opens in a new tab) is part of the jury!

js13kGames (opens in a new tab), the competition with a file size limit of 13kb running yearly since 2012, will start on August 13th. You might want to look into Kontra.js (opens in a new tab) for that one.

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I am launching a new game, (opens in a new tab)! It's an Action-RPG in early access, single-player for now. Built with React Three Fiber React Three Fiber and Miniplex. Fight the Demons invading your world to earn experience and unlock new abilities! Happy to discuss the game and tech used on the Web Game Dev (opens in a new tab) or Mini Mana (opens in a new tab) Discord servers.

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