Newsletter โ€“ Issue 011

๐Ÿ“† 2023-03-01

๐Ÿ”ฅ Headlines

React Three Fiber Douges (opens in a new tab) released TRIPLEX (opens in a new tab), the React Three Fiber editor that saves scene changes back to source. See the introduction video (opens in a new tab) for a demo. TRIPLEX is a standalone server that runs alongside your project and is therefore compatible with any bundler and framework, including Next.js and Remix. Run npx @triplex/run init in a new folder to give it a try! Note that there is also the react-three-editor (opens in a new tab), which is currently a plugin for Vite.

Ambient (opens in a new tab) was released (blog post (opens in a new tab)). It is a multiplayer game engine powered by Rust, WebAssembly, and WebGPU. It features a GPU-driven physically-based-rendering engine, PhysX (opens in a new tab)-powered physics, a React-like UI system, spatial audio with composable filters, platform-independent user input, and more. If you are interested in game development in Rust, check out this website's new ๐Ÿฆ€ Rust Game Dev (opens in a new tab) page!

WebXR Three.js Meta open-sourced Project Flowerbed (opens in a new tab), their WebXR showcase game (repo (opens in a new tab)). They also published a very in-depth article (opens in a new tab) containing many workflow and performance tips useful for any WebGL game. It complements nicely their previous WebXR talk (opens in a new tab) at Meta Connect about Flowerbed. David Heaney (opens in a new tab) wrote an article (opens in a new tab) about how Project Flowerbed and Above Par-adowski (opens in a new tab) prove WebXR can be used for full VR games.

SwissGL (opens in a new tab) (demo (opens in a new tab)) is a minimalistic wrapper on top of the WebGL2 JS API by Alex Mordvintsev (opens in a new tab). It is an early-stage experiment at Google but is not an officially supported Google product at the moment.

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Bonus: PSA - Do not use the Red Cross in your game (opens in a new tab)

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