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๐Ÿ“† 2023-02-08

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WebGL WebGPU The Khronos WebGL + WebGPU Meetup took place last week. Here are the slides (opens in a new tab), video (opens in a new tab), and highlights (opens in a new tab).

My main personal takeaway from the meetup is that Three.js' mrdoob (opens in a new tab) thinks the way forward for writing shaders is node-based solutions that provide a compatibility abstraction layer over WebGL Shader Language (GLSL) and WebGPU Shader Language (WGSL). In Three.js, that would be the NodeMaterial (opens in a new tab), which has a visual editor (opens in a new tab). Three.js is working on aligning with the MaterialX (opens in a new tab) open standard for node-based materials and already has a MaterialXLoader (opens in a new tab). Sunag (opens in a new tab) does the heavy lifting on that front. You can also check out Hendrik Mans (opens in a new tab)' Shader Composer (opens in a new tab), which has React Three Fiber bindings but currently only supports GLSL.

TresJS Alvaro Sabu released (opens in a new tab) TresJS (opens in a new tab), a library to create Three.js scenes declaratively with Vue (opens in a new tab). Read the Motivation (opens in a new tab) section to see how it relates to TroisJS (opens in a new tab) and Lunchbox (opens in a new tab), which are similar Vue wrappers for Three.js.

WebXR Meta released the Immersive Web Emulator (opens in a new tab) to easily test WebXR experiences on desktop (Chrome Store (opens in a new tab)).

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