Newsletter โ€“ Issue 016

๐Ÿ“† 2023-06-01

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WebGPU In the context of Google IO (web talks (opens in a new tab)), Google presented its support of WebGPU in Chrome with the article Unlocking modern GPU access in the browser (opens in a new tab), the video Introducing WebGPU (opens in a new tab) with Corentin Wallez (opens in a new tab) and Brandon Jones (opens in a new tab), and the Your First WebGPU App (opens in a new tab) codelab.

Brandon Jones was on the Voices of VR podcast Primer on WebGPU (opens in a new tab) with Kent Bye (opens in a new tab), and mcc (opens in a new tab) wrote the excellent I want to talk about WebGPU (opens in a new tab), which is great to learn about the history of WebGPU and graphics APIs.

WebGPU already received performance improvements in Chrome 114 (opens in a new tab), and WebTransport (opens in a new tab) is now enabled by default in Firefox 114 (opens in a new tab).

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