Newsletter โ€“ Issue 014

๐Ÿ“† 2023-04-13

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WebGPU WebGPU ships in Chrome 113 (opens in a new tab) (currently in the Beta channel). This release marks a new era for GPU-accelerated graphics on the web. Three.js Three.js, Babylon.js Babylon.js, and PlayCanvas PlayCanvas all have some initial support for WebGPU, but expect a bumpy road if you want to support both WebGL and WebGPU, considering that WebGPU uses WGSL instead of GLSL for shaders. The transition will be rough, but the future is bright!

Phaser Phaser 3.60.0 is out! (opens in a new tab) This massive update has been in the works for over a year. It also marks the 10th anniversary (opens in a new tab) of the first Phaser release on GitHub on April 12th, 2013. The most recent beta versions include the Timeline (opens in a new tab) class and a Matter.js (opens in a new tab) v0.19 update. Check out the complete Changelog (opens in a new tab) of this major update!

Anslo (opens in a new tab) shared his thoughts on JavaScript game development and explained some of the performance optimizations and techniques used in Slow Roads (opens in a new tab) in an excellent tech article on Google's (opens in a new tab) website.

We are one step closer to The Matrix scenario with this paper of a simulation (opens in a new tab) involving 25 AI-driven characters hanging out in a virtual town. Watch the replay (opens in a new tab) while wondering who is currently watching yours.

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